What’s Done in the Dark: An Erotic Paranormal Anthology
A.C Greenlee

Genre: Paranormal romance, fantasy, and erotica

Expected Date of Publication: October, 12, 2015


Publisher: Lillium Publishing House LLC

Word Count: 50,000

Pages: 200

Book Blurb:

The supernatural men of your wildest fantasies and darkest nightmares are taking sex and romance to an entirely new level. Featuring eight previously unreleased paranormal erotic tales, What's Done in the Dark is a diverse anthology that puts a new spin on your favorite supernatural bad boys and the feisty women who love them. Each lust filled chapter shifts through several genres, from urban to high fantasy and beyond, each with a paranormal twist. With Shapeshifting bears, enigmatic dragons and the Devil himself, even the simplest fairy tales take on a whole new meaning in this anthology. Engage your very own harem of rough, alpha male heroes, beautiful, seductive heroines and unfurling plotlines that will keep you glued to these deeply romantic short stories until the very end. This anthology is guaranteed to have something for everyone and leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Where will you be when night falls?

Included in the What's Done in the Dark Anthology:

 Lucifer's Kiss

The Demon Butler

Dragon's Bane

Black Cat Comfort


When Monsters are Near


Blood Oath

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Creole Kitchen
Vanessa Bolosier

Genre: Cook Book

Date of Publication: June, 2015


ISBN: 978-1909815926

Pavilion Books

Pages: 240

Book Blurb:

Creole Kitchen is an original collection of recipes from the French Caribbean. Creole food is one of the first fusion foods, drawing in influences from years of trading history and mixing cultures on the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. This sunshine-filled book features 100 recipes from Prawns Colombo to Creole Cassoulet, from Coconut Slaw to Salt fish Boudins, from Flambe Bananas to Pineapple Fritters and delicious rum-laced punch and cocktails. This is food to truly make the mouth water and bear you away to a Caribbean paradise. Drawing inspiration from her childhood kitchen, the bright and engaging author, Vanessa, is on a mission to spread the love, sunshine and laughter that Caribbean Creole food brings. The recipes are both delicious and easy to make, and Vanessa offers substitution ideas for traditional Caribbean ingredients, although they are increasingly available in supermarkets and grocers everywhere. A cookbook for anyone with a sense of adventure who longs for sunshine flavors.

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Sandra Rains DeBusk is first and, above all else, a mother. Sliding in second is an independent writer. Her genres include Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Slice Of Life, Speculative, Thriller, Paranoid Thriller, and Adventure. Sandra is a very spiritual person, she is the wife of a Marine, as well as a mother.

My interview with Sandra Rains Debusk


Nathaniel Baker is the creator of MY4FACES toy and the book. His product first launch in 2015.  More information pending, will post when I acquire it.

My review of MY4FACES


I See Fear
Sandra Rains Debusk

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Speculative, Thriller, and Paranoid Thriller

Date of Publication: February, 2014

ISBN: 978-1496027993

Publisher: Createspace

Word Count: 50,000

Pages: 394

Book Blurb:

A small town in Southern Ohio falls victim to a Government experiment whilst it's populace is driven to the edge of insanity and even DEATH. A tainted water supply renders Frostbridge, and it's people defenseless and vulnerable to their greatest fears alone, most will die. What do you see? I See Fear.

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Lisa Terry lives in the south, riding the state lines of Florida and Alabama. She has enough animals to call it a small farm, so she’s either insane or caring. Or insanely caring. She’s a print news reporter, an editor, and an aspiring Hogwarts student. On any given day, you can find Lisa playing video games, sitting on the beach, or organizing pet pageants. She gave up on fitting in a long time ago and now is fine with being called a walking contradiction. Lisa writes Young Adult and New Adult: contemporary, thriller, mystery, horror and paranormal.

My interview with Lisa Terry


I was born in Fort Myers, Florida and when I was five years old my family moved to Central Georgia, the land my great grandfather fought for in places like Gettysburg, Cold Harbor and Saylers Creek.

I grew up listening to Civil War stories and faithfully recorded them into my journal. I studied English literature at Middle Georgia College and drama at the Pasadena Playhouse.

My military service was spent in naval aviation where I became a member of an

elite group known as the Hurricane Hunters. Squadron 114 flew routine patrol flights out of Miami into the Caribbean and South Atlantic in search of Tropical Storms. Once a storm was located the path and growth was watched and charted. The information we gathered was then passed along the Weather Bureau and they issued storm-warning bulletins to all potential areas in the path of the storm.

 I believe that my potential is limitless and have always thought I can do more. I think differently and I can always improve.
The idea of migrating to a new country may seem daunting at first but I believe everyone can do it.
At  the beginning of my story, I thought I had nothing but a giant student loan and a load of favors to repay. I was wrong. Study had taught me to look at things from different perspectives and I continue to use this every day. Over time I came to appreciate the knowledge gained at university and accompanied it with real life experiences from the workplace.
Subsequently, my study became a career and my career allowed me to travel and enjoy many varied life experiences. Could I have imagined…love and marriage, parenting, a career abroad with various opportunities, financial security, being a home owner or migration to the other end of the World – migration to Australia!

All these experiences have led me here today…and made me who I am.

Paulina Nowak happy World citizen living permanently in Australia since 2006. Being a migrant, was only a stage in my life, like being a student or a Quality Assurance Manager.

My interview with Paulina Nowak

After the Navy I went to New York and soon landed my first Off Broadway play, “A Good Place to Raise a Boy.” Then I did tours with Bert Lahr in “Harvey”, Vera Miles in “The Country Girl” and June Lockhart in “Forty Carats.”

When PBS decided to do the TV Series Georgia’s Heritage I was hired as host narrator and writer. My initial writing assignment was to research and write two episodes for the series The Battle of Atlanta and The Battle of Chickamauga. Once those shows were finished we picked up out cameras and trekked all over Georgia filming, writing stories about Georgia and interviewing local historians.

Chasing hurricanes with the Hurricane Hunters had its moments but the last two segments of Heritage took anxiety and fear to a whole new level. I was given 48 hours to write a documentary on the Okefenokee Swamp, faced off with an alligator and had my first brush with the legendary Doc Holliday.

That brush with the legend gave me the idea and following tons of research and writing a fact based fiction emerged and is titled Doc Holliday’s Road to Tombstone.

That effort was followed by a nonfiction story based on my navy experience and called The Hurricane Hunters and Lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

My third book is a novel based on the Nazi plunder of art during World War II, The Goring Collection.

A fourth novel is in the works relating to the winding down of the African slave trade in the 1850’s titled Tungee’s Gold.

I do a blog on a variety of subjects called Rock The Tower.

My interview with Tom Barnes

Tungee’s Gold: The Legend of Ebo’s landing 
Tom Barnes

Genre: Historical Fiction

Date of Publication: January, 2010

ISBN: 978-1440196461

Publisher: Iuniverse

Pages: 268

Book Blurb:

Tungee Cahill deposits gold in San Francisco bank and becomes target for assassination. Shanghaied and put on board a ship bound for Liverpool. The ship is rife with plots from mutiny to piracy. Tungee joins the skipper and they crush the mutiny.

They round Cape Horn and make their way up East Coast of South America to St. Katherine's Island. At St. Kat the scurrilous ship owner issues new orders, and sends the ship to West Africa for another slave run. In West Africa 350 Africans are herded on board. Back at sea a British and American warship give chase. The skipper elects to dodge into a heavy storm where winds and rain batter the ship, but they manage to survive.

After the storm some slaves are allowed to stay on deck. Tungee observes the Africans doing various rituals and incantations. Is it voodoo or witchcraft? Nobody knows, and by the time they find out, it's too late. A tribal king called Kumi had inspired scores of his people, to make the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Tungee returns to San Francisco and begins his quest to reclaim his fortune. During his search Tungee meets the lovely Laura Du Beck and romance blossoms.

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Linda Corby born on the 11th of February 1953 is the youngest daughter of the entrepreneur Cecil William Jackson and granddaughter of the famous West Midland (England) entrepreneur Benjamin P Priest of Benjamin Priest & Sons Ltd (history),  born in London Linda was one of three children adopted by Cecil William Jackson.

Linda went to Old Hill primary school, then Whitchampton primary school (Hagley) and was at Kidderminster Convent until the age of twelve when she left school and had a private tutor while show-Jumping under B.S.J.A rules (British Show Jumping Association.)

Linda moved to Jersey, Channel Islands with her parents in the mid 1960’s.

Linda has been a director on the board of a Blue chip UK Company and a number of other companies over the years; she jointly owned and ran a 24 Hr Recovery service for over 25 years with her husband Brian Corby, they married in Jersey Channel Islands on the 21st of April 1973.

Linda recalls many family entrepreneurial conversations around the family dining table, at cocktail parties and at Company board meetings and says she has used much of this information to produce her latest Hard Back Book Zoom into Profit to help other budding entrepreneurs at the request of her local Social Security Careers Department.

Linda’s first published book was a poetry book, but the first book she wrote she produced at the age of thirteen The Girl Who Believed in Fairies and was first published in 1981, it has since been re-released with 50% of anything she makes out of it going to the children’s hospice Oakwell in St Brelade Jersey, Channel Islands, were Linda lost her 12 year old daughter Natasha to cancer.

Linda draws on her life experiences when writing her books, and she has a vaste amount of them, a life with experiences that for example inspired one very famous author to produce a top best seller novel using just part of her life.

Linda has a great love of animals, especially horses and dogs, she can often be found walking her dogs in many of Jersey’s beauty spots, usually with a recorder and or notepad because as she says “you never know when inspiration will hit you, and a good story is all about observation and what inspires you.”

My interview with Linda Corby


Author A.C. Greenlee is an award-winning creator of paranormal romance, high fantasy and adventure novels. In 2012, Greenlee’s debut novel, Guardian of the Hellmouth, was released via Lillium Publishing House LLC and quickly became a fan favorite. With short stories and novellas like Her General Knows Best, Put the Gun Down and Werewolves are Diabolical published under the same house, she most recently dedicates her time to the completion of her manuscript, Genesis and its sequel Arise. With a B.F.A in Creative Writing and an M.F.A nearing it’s completion, A.C. is extremely enthusiastic about embarking on the quest of university level graphic design and just hopes she has enough health poultices and med kits to see her through.

My interview with A.C Greenlee

Bad Blood
Linda Corby

Genre: Autobiography

Date of Publication: May, 2006


ISBN: 978-1411651623

Publisher: Lulu

Pages: 252

Book Blurb:

Bad Blood is an autobiography which is different from any other out there, and it has some very personal content. There are 'no holds bared' and 'the truth is in here!'

Bad Blood is not an autobiography of doom and gloom, yes there are sad episodes in it, but there are also many, happy, funny and endearing episodes as well. Life isn't all good or bad, it is a combination, as we all know sometimes the people who get the real highs also get the real lows, and Linda Corby is just one of those people who attracts the extremes.

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Donna Drejza lives in Palm Beach, Florida and Washington, DC-- spending most of her time moving her stuff back and forth. She currently works as a writer, realtor, restaurant critic, artist, and a yoga teacher--none of which seem to pay on any regular basis.
Her books are comedic in nature and semi-autobiographical. She loves to write about food, wine, fancy places and dogs. Yes, some cats slip into the stories, because every book needs an antagonist here and there. Just kidding cat people! She has recently become a cat aunt to Esther and Mauricio, and except for the midnight soccer matches with her reading glasses, finds them to be fascinating characters.
She is about to launch the first of a micro-series called, Soul Mates and the 102. It's about a single American woman who flies all the way to London for a blind date (Donna would do that) but the guy is a no-show. It's very glamorous and sexy.

My interview with Donna Drejza


My name is Paulina Nowak and I have been a proud Australian citizen for nearly a decade. I was born in central Europe, Poland and always dreamed of travelling and exploring the world. Today, my dream has come true – I feel like, I am a citizen of the World.
I have been able to make a wonderful life in Australia with my family and therefore want to share my life through series of eBooks with you. My professional career was built in two countries, Poland and Australia; consequently it allowed me to work in Quality Management Systems worldwide.This experience has proven to be a wealth beyond financial gain and allowed me a deep sense of personal growth and achievement. Having worked in both large multinational companies as well as small local businesses, I have learnt the European and Australian markets.However, there were always some obstacles along the way that did not allow me to fully spread my wings and soar. 

Nathaniel Baker

Genre: Children’s, Picture Book

Date of Publication: October, 2015

ISBN: 9781329630864

Publisher: Lulu

Format: Saddle Stitch Paperback

Book Blurb:

This wonderful children’s book tells the story of two adorable aliens who crash land into a family’s backyard. They meet a young boy, Adam, who promises to help the two find their friends, who were separated from them in the crash. Together, they fly across the world to search for their friends. The three of them travel to many different places, such as Tokyo, Paris, and even the Arctic! Will they find their friends and repair their spaceship? This adorable tale of friendship is part of the first volume in a series of children’s stories. It is ideal for reading to your children at bedtime or to keep them entertained during a rainy day or on a road trip!

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How to Migrate to Australia
Paulina Nowak

Genre: Non-Fiction, Guide, and Travel

Format: Ebook

Date of Publication: 2015

Country of publication:

Pages: 22

Book Blurb:

My first eBook “How to migrate to Australia” is a guide in a nutshell. It is the most comprehensive and user-friendly migrants’ guide.
Each chapter talks about important information on the migration process to Australia highlighting what needs to be done to get a visa to Australia.
“How to Migrate to Australia” is your handy leader with the most relevant, useful hints & tips for your migration process needs. Essential information from each section will help you successfully settle in Australia.
The purpose of this eBook is to provide migrants with easy suggestions on the migration process and settlement in Australia.
Living permanently in Australia is possible; however, for your dream to come true you have to fulfil certain conditions.
The Australian Immigration Office offers many visa types. Some of them give you the opportunity of permanently living in Australia where other visas will give you temporary permission for work, business or study. These visas can make it possible to gain work permits, buy a house, access health care cover, free education and many other aspects of life down under.
eBook “How to migrate to Australia” describes the general visa groups such as:

  • Permanent residence visa based on professional qualifications;
  • Student visa, designed for people who are interested in study in Australia;
  • Business visa for people who would like to open a business in Australia;
  • Working holiday visa types designated for people who are willing to work & travel around Australia;

By reading my eBook you will learn:

  • What needs to be done in order to get an Australian visa;
  • How to successfully settle down in Australia.

Available at MyEbookAustralia

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Born in Guadeloupe, Vanessa Bolosier is half-Guadeloupian and half-Martiniquan. She moved to France when she was 17 and worked as a fashion model while studying marketing and publishing. On moving to London she decided to quit her job in publishing for her true love - food. In 2011 she founded Carib Gourmet, a company specialising in luxury Caribbean food and confectionery, winning a Great Taste Award for her Coco Gourmand coconut sweets. She also runs a cookery school and supper club of the same name. Her recipes have been featured in the Guardian.

My interview with Vanessa Bolosier

Spin the Love
Lisa Terry

Genre: Romance suspense, and thriller  

Date of Publication: September, 2015

ISBN: 978-1517612535


Word Count: 57,668

Pages: 203

Book Blurb:

It was supposed to be a game to heat up their summer—not ruin their lives.

Sixteen-year-old Whispy Callahan lands in trouble thicker than Florida’s humidity when she plays a twisted game of Dare. Everything would have been fine if she hadn’t fallen for one of the player’s “targets” along with dredging up buried murderous tendencies. Forget the game—now Whispy needs to find her boyfriend’s murderer, but that might prove difficult since everyone thinks she’s insane. They could be right.

"Twisted" "Drop-your-jaw shocking" "Unforgettable" "I. Love. Whispy."

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Palm Beach Busybodies
Donna Drejza

Genre: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Humor & Satire  

Date of Publication:
May, 2014

ISBN: 978-0996061551

Publisher: Butterfly Tree Press

Pages: 432

 Book Blurb:

With nothing to lose, exuberant Emma, flamboyant Kevin and her unruly dog move to Palm Beach. Emma lists a $27 million mansion and is drawn into a world of yachts and parties—and to her soulful married client. To derail a looming affair, Emma’s zany friend fixes her up with a sexy British yacht captain. Steamy scenes bond the two until a topless Russian interferes.

Kevin, an inept caterer who specializes in flammable, phallic-shaped foods —spends his free time spying on the suspicious neighbor, while dreaming of a handsome trust-funder. Emma is about to sell the mansion—then she finds a dead socialite. While the entire town rejoices at this news, the police are less amused, and accuse our cast of characters.

Now penniless murder suspects with everything to lose, Emma and Kevin lure the suspects out to sea. Naturally, things do not go as planned and more trouble ensues.

Available at Amazon and BN

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