8th Round
T.C O’Reilly

 Genre: Science Fiction,  and Horror

Date of Publication: July, 2015


Ebook pages: 346

Word Count: 89,674

Book Blurb:

A virus has been released on Earth; a virus that no one can cure, quarantine, or prevent. It has ruined humanity, killing the majority of its population and sparing only a limited group of uninfected people. Those that have contracted the disease but not died are far worse off. There’s no way to stop it; no way for seven lifetimes.

Gifted with powers he doesn’t understand but is determined to use, Jakes has experienced life – and lifetimes – for seven rounds. The virus has ripped apart humanity time after time, and Jakes has been forced to watch his world fall apart in each case. This time, his eighth time -- his eighth round -- he is determined to never let it happen again. And this time he is confident. With the help of experts, family, and unexpected friends, Jakes will strive to finally end this virus before it begins; uncovering his past, his unexplained abilities, and the people who want to kill him for both.

THE 8TH ROUND is an interesting take on both the beloved Sci Fi stories of zombies and time travel. What I liked most about this book were the questions it posed and how it made me think. It takes great care to intertwine philosophy, science, and good old fashioned imagination -- analyzing both science and time itself. There were many quality lines within that made me stop and think, analyzing exactly what this story says about time travel and the many paradoxes within.

How the virus is handled is unusual, explained in detail rather than the typical “zombie virus, ooh, unexplained, ooh, scary.” It actually makes a fair amount of sense and I quite enjoyed the reasoning behind it.

I thought the writing style itself could have been fleshed out a bit to show the scenes in greater depth, and I was a little confused on who the characters were at first. However, as the book goes on, it features a wide cast of people with their own motivations, important roles, and interesting reactions.

This book features a romantic subplot with a unique twist that I liked. I was very pleased to see a romantic subplot in a Sci Fi book that was just that – a subplot. I didn’t feel that it overwhelmed the actual story at any point, but remained in the wings to sprinkle a little tension here and there.

The flashbacks back and forth between the previous “rounds” and the current round were very interesting, as it showed not only the exciting elements zombie apocalypse lovers will enjoy, but also raised the stakes as to what the eight round’s world would experience if Jakes failed.

This book intertwined history with the future in subtle ways, and there were many interesting clues to multiple plot twists spread throughout. By reading this, you’ll definitely be experiencing many twists and turns and expected outcomes. There were several points in the plot that took me by surprise and I liked this.

I would recommend this book as a casual read for a fan of Sci Fi.

Written by Shiloh Farm


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The Dream Walker

Land of Mystica Series
Book 1
Michelle Murray

Genre: Fantasy, and Science Fiction
Date of Publication: August, 2014

ISBN: 978-1500918996

Publisher: Createspace

Ebook pages: 115

Book Blurb:

Miranda is having vivid dreams of a world she's never been to. A world full of castles, Forests, Ice Caves, and Dragons. She goes to a bookstore to see about these dreams, and discovers she is a Dream Walker. She has been called to save this mystical, magical world. On Mystica, the evil wizard Midnight has been released. Midnight is gathering an army, and preparing for war. Miranda needs to find and release the white wizard Lightning from his stone prison to save Mystica. Follow Miranda as she travels through Mystica. Can she find and release Lightning and save Mystica?

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As a passionate reader and writer, Jade Whitfield loves nothing more than a good cup of coffee and a sweet romance. A fan of ‘Happily Ever After’, she believes that everyone should find their own forever love and is committed to telling stories to inspire that.

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Forever Love

The Forever Love Series

Book 1

Jade Whitfield

Beautiful and sassy, Liv Preston constantly has guys falling at her feet. Guys break you though, they use you and spit you out, leaving you a broken mess on the floor. No, Liv is much too smart to let that happen, instead choosing to go down the route of the ultimate female player.

Handsome and arrogant, Noah Travers is the ultimate catch. The star quarterback with a Greek God physique, he’s too young and there are way too many girls out there for him to commit to one relationship.

When Liv moves from Atlanta to the tiny town of Franklin to live with her Dad, she has no idea that her life is about to change. The second Noah claps eyes on his new step-sister, its love at first sight. Now all the reformed former player has to do is convince his beautiful, yet broken new step-sister that he’s the guy for her. All Liv has to do, is trust her hot as hell new step-brother not to break her.
Families will be tested, secrets revealed. Will it all be worth it for Forever Love?

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Diana Rowe is a Christian educator, author, and speaker with many years of experience. With MSc. in Education and Special Education, she has been privileged to serve as teacher, principal, motivational speaker and educational consultant.

Her passion for writing started as a young child when she would write poetry and songs to express her thoughts. She enjoys writing, classical and gospel music, arts and crafts projects, community service and more.

She is also the author of: “Born to Die in My Place a Story of Unconditional Love” (book 2)

Look out for her new book this October: “An Invitation to the Sanctuary.”

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M. Lachi is a published author and an award nominated songwriter and composer.  Her resume includes features on Oprah Radio, CBS Radio, The CW, Oxygen, and the E! and Style Networks among others. M. Lachi lives in New York City with her life partner and enjoys reading, composing and catching live performances.



Michelle is a married working mother of two fine young men (her children). She lives in Wisconsin. When not writing, she enjoys reading especially science fiction/fantasy and classics.
Her favorite authors include Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Margaret Weiss, and Colleen Houck.
She also enjoys doing painting and crafts, and spending time with her family. She enjoys going for walks, and swimming. She has been known to jump in Lake Michigan with no life jacket!
She has been writing since high school. Michelle took a break from writing to concentrate on raising her children.
She has an app on her IPad that gives her a word of the day and poem of the day.

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Chief Radvar
Chieftains of Majuri Series
Book 1
Crystal Dawn

Genre: Science Fiction, and Fantasy

Date of Publication: July, 2015

Publisher: Eagle Eye Publishing


Ebook Pages: 139

Word Count: 57,000

 Book Blurb:

Chief Radvar's ship and crew go through a space anomaly and find they've gone back in time and somewhere so far away in space that they don't recognize where they are. A scientist suggests they might be near Earth. But that was a legend that didn't really exist, right?

Shay finds that her whole life changes when two alien space ships start orbiting Earth. The aliens on one ship are definitely the enemy but are the others as benevolent as they seem or just self-serving?

Note: Has graphic and descriptive sexual scenes that are for mature adults only!

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Bick & Stink: Meet King Solomon
Stanley G. Buford

Genre: Christian Books, Religion, and Spirituality 

Date of Publication: April, 2012


Pages: 61

Book Blurb:

Two inquisitive children are told a captivating bedtime bible story. Their father, Gene reads a book: Tales of King Solomon. He tucks them in; says goodnight and that’s when the real story begins.

Bick and his younger brother, Stink, are taken back in time; through the power of their dream! They both awaken on the beach in the land of Israel during the era of the great King Solomon; the wisest man that ever lived. Bewildered and confused, at first, they collect themselves and plan a method of survival.

The boys build themselves a shelter and pick fruit to sustain themselves overnight. The next day they are arrested by the king’s guards, charged as criminals and taken to see his majesty, the Great King Solomon, to await their fate.

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When she's not out hunting rogue vampires and werewolves, you can find her out exploring the galaxy. She can do it all without ever leaving her computer. She kicks ass and takes names, and puts it all down for the enjoyment of her readers. At least that's what I thought she said. Writing came as a natural outlet for her overly creative mind. Channeling all the chaos into an organized form isn't always easy, but a little chocolate and wine can go along way toward calming the inner wild child enough to concentrate on one of the hundreds of stories running through her mind. After her family and close friends, her biggest inspiration and favorite people, are her readers who she says are the most wonderful people in this galaxy and the next.

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Last Light Falling Into the Darkness
Last Light Falling Series
Book II

Genre: Young Adult, Suspense Thriller, Apocalyptic, and Science Fiction Dystopian

Date of Publication:
August, 2015



Word Count:

Dog Ear Publishing

 Book Blurb:

In this gripping second installment of the Last Light Falling series, faith becomes the only escape from a relentless war about to be waged on American soil, and it's up to Arena to keep Russia from becoming the deterrent in an international upheaval for power. One man stands between her and a fight for survival while she risks everything to help lead a new fellowship to a permanent safe haven. While her faith wavers during this impossible quest, her sanity begins to slip, which causes her to sink deeper into a dark descent. Though the hope she embraces begins to wither, it's the difficult decisions she is forced to make that will change the course of everything.

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Jay Plemons’ life is nothing short of ordinary. From an aspiring chef, carpenter, educator, musician, husband, and father, nothing ever seems too busy when adding yet another hat into the mix as a fiction novelist. With a degree in music business, and a minor in English from Middle Tennessee State University, the aspirations to continue his journey in the arts, has followed Jay to write the Last Light Falling series, which has not only touched on some of his personal experiences, but has also helped him further explore the heightened convictions of faith. Though his first love is music, writing has profoundly changed the way he expresses himself to others, which has recently impacted his son to follow in those same emotional footsteps. When Jay isn't drumming, writing is his cure to life's distractions.

Jay's only philosophy is to enjoy whatever time you can whenever you can, with whoever you can, because the uncertainties that tomorrow may bring will have a profound impact on how you give your time today. If we could all just stop for a moment and enjoy the little things in life that make the big things worthwhile, our troubles would all seem inconsequential. 

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T.C O’Reilly attended The University of Free State where he studied law. He is a huge fan of his alma mater and is a proud to have attended such a prestigious university. He also works in the real estate market. He is the proud of father of two. Some of his favorite authors include Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Grisham, and Justin Cronin. T.C O’Reilly writes suspense, horror and science fiction. His debut novel is 8th Round published in July of 2015.

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Stanley G. Buford is a Chicago, IL based author, humanitarian, philanthropist and entrepreneur. The best phrase to describe the talented innovator is a man of conviction. With a passion for uplifting inner city youth Buford has found his niche within the arts. Buford is a recipient of the National Leadership Award in Business and the “Keeping America Strong” Award.

He has authored Amazon sellers such as “What Makes A Man?”, “Thanks Dad!” and “Not All Teachers Are Parents, But All Parents Are Teachers!”, which was recently endorsed by President Barack Obama as “an interesting book”.

His latest endeavor brings together the joy of reading and song. Buford’s company, Terkat Consultants Inc. has birthed TriDreams Productions. The new company will create literature while infusing three fun and easy parts: an e-book, audiobook and a professionally produced theme song.

Keeping true to his generous nature, all the proceeds from TriDreams Productions will benefit his not for profit, From Boys To Men Network Foundation Inc. The non-profit helps to empower the young boys of inner city Chicago while attaining positive distinction.

Check out my interview with Stanley G. Buford at this link.

Wages of Sin
Charlene Gage

Genre: Literary Fiction

Date of Publication: May, 2008

AISN: B006Q64BH0
ISBN: 978-0595434305

Publisher: iUniverse

Ebook pages: 110

Book Blurb:

Enduring the pain of her mother's murder, her father's rejection, and her grandmother's rules, Reva rebels against all positive influences. With an abortion behind her by age fifteen, Reva spirals from one bad decision to the next, with no guidelines to distinguish right from wrong. Intentionally getting pregnant to lure the married man she thinks she loves, Reva constantly flounders to provide for the son she finally bears. Stability eludes her at every turn. Despite the pack of despicable characters doing despicable things, this novel focuses on how abuse and neglect affect Reva over and over again.

Her decisions ultimately lead to a juxtaposed life of luxurious living off drug money against the emotional and physical pain her choices create. With her youth stolen, Reva vows to not destroy her future and break the vicious cycle that started in childhood.

Reva's life mirrors that of many women who fight racism, poverty, incest, single parenthood, and drugs just to survive. As you read "Wages of Sin," you'll be horrified by the actions that feel so real, yet be compelled to turn the page to see what happens next.

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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The Ivory Staff
M. Lachi

Genre: Fantasy

Expected Date of Publication:  October, 23, 2015

ISBN: 978-0692425640

Pages: 364

Book Blurb:

How was young Samiyah to know that her simple grace, wit, and beauty—exceptional traits given her peasant class—would land her in the middle of a chessboard of high-level political turmoil or that the love that blinds politics, the hate that blinds brotherhood, and the lust that blinds love would flip that chessboard on its side? Rife with passionate dialog, edgy suspense, and epic conflict, this Dark Fairy Tale follows our heroine as she journeys to heal a nation broken by the internal prejudices of class warfare, armed with nothing but stark determination.

The Ivory Staff  in stores OCTOBER 23, 2015

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Adventure to Echo Falls
Teresa Schaeffer

Young Adult, and Children’s Fiction

Date of Publication: September, 2015



Word Count:

Vidalia Press

Book Blurb:

Plucky inventor and aspiring hero Jet Chow was ten when the world (as we know it) ended in a flood of shuffling undead bodies. The zombie plague ceased with the dispersal of a cure, but society collapsed, and humanity became an endangered species. Orphaned in the disaster, Jet survived for over three years in a prepper's off-grid shelter in a Wichita backyard. When his resources run out, he is forced into a quest for food and shelter, which turns into a search for the rumored last outpost of humanity: Echo Falls.

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Born to Die in My Place
Diana Rowe

Genre: Christian Books, Christmas, Religion, and Spirituality 

Date of Publication: December, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-5035-1965-7

Book Blurb:

This book has beautiful original illustrations, rich vocabulary and much more. Those who read it said, “this book is a must read to capture the true essence of Christmas, unlike any other Christmas book. Adults and children love it.” It’s the perfect Christmas story for the whole family to cuddle up by the fire. Get this perfect Christmas gift.

In this story Anna and her grandma shared Christmas in their small home. They treasured every moment sharing the real meaning of Christmas and sharing their meager means with their community.

“This story will warm your heart and remind you that Christmas is so much more than decorations and extravagance. The deeper meaning of Christmas is worth celebrating, knowing that the greatest gift has been given to you, whether you’re rich or poor.”

Available at Amazon
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